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Buying your first toy can be exciting and confusing. With various sex toys available, you may find it hard to make the right decision based on the right toy that will satisfy your sexual desires. Lovense Lush 2 vibrator is one of the familiar sex toys that most women consider buying. However, you need to understand that gender plays a significant role in the right sex toy you should purchase when purchasing these toys.

If you have never purchased a sex toy, you need to start this process by narrowing your options based on the kind of sensation you enjoy. For instance, if you decide to buy a vibrator, you need to take your time and determine if you like external or internal stimulation. It is one of the first steps that will help you to know the type of sex vibrator you will buy. Therefore, to buy the right sex toy, here are the buying tips to consider.

Identify the Right Sex Toys

sex toyAs mentioned above, there are various types of sex toys you are likely to find in the market. Before going shopping, you need to identify the right style you need depending on your sexual needs. When buying these products, you need to understand that they need thorough research.

When it comes to sex toys, you need to remember that this is all about you. Therefore, you should not feel rushed to settle on any toy you see. You need to think about what excites you before making your decision. Do not be afraid to explore various urges and feelings.

Read the Label

When going through the available types of sex toys available in the market, ensure you read the labels on each product. The main aim of reading these toys is to identify the right ones that are safe for the body. It is your responsibility to ensure you are buying quality sex toys with user-friendly materials.

Consider the Material

sex toysBefore buying a sex toy, it is advisable to understand the materials used to make these products. However, it is essential to realize that there are various types of sex toys in the market with different materials. Also, each material has its unique features depending on your preferences.

Consider the Cost

Lastly, you need to consider the cost of these products before buying them. There are various stores all over where you can get them. Go through these sites to determine their price range. In doing this, you will end up buying correctly priced sex toys.

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Masturbation is considered as one of the safest sex practices. Apart from the great feeling associated with it, this practice is good for those people who practice it. In fact, they should thank science since it has proven that this practice is good for their health. However, many man and women are embarrassed of mentioning masturbation. It is, therefore, important to brush off the traditional beliefs and low science to do the talking. Masturbation is pleasurable to both ladies and gentlemen. The following are the immense health benefits associated with masturbation:

masturbation-feel good

Feel Good

Activities that lift one’s mood are also helpful in making someone happier. This is an activity that pleases someone when he/she reaches his/her climax. Individuals who are feeling don can masturbate to lift their mood. Furthermore, orgasms are known for releasing oxytocin and dopamine, which improves one’s mood. Giving yourself organisms is healthier than taking drugs.

Boosting One’s Confidence

Always remember that your body is the best friend that you need to take care of. This is the only thing that will be with you through your life. You should give it the best treatment possible. Masturbation is one of the health practices that will make your body feel good. Again, it is a better way of knowing your pleasure points.

Sexuality Enhancer

This is an activity that allows someone to explore his/her body. It can also make you confident by knowing what pleases you and turns you on. It is one of the best ways of improving sexuality. This is an activity that allows people to be in charge of their bodies, especially when they are with their partners by letting them know what makes them feel good.

Stress Reliever

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Masturbation is one of the effective ways of relieving stress and unwinding. Again, it is helpful in promoting the release of endorphins which play a crucial role in calming down and lifting up one’s mood. Anyone who is having a rough day at office or work can end it with some sensual music and a bath.


Improved Sexual Life

Becoming more in-tune with one’s pleasure points and body can help someone to get more out of his/her sex life. It will also give you partner more satisfaction because he/she will see you becoming satisfied and pleased. People should be more confident with their partners and talk to them about what they like.


Many men are dealing with issues of premature ejaculation. It can happen at any point in your life. Studies have revealed that over thirty percent of men feel that they are finished quickly during sex, and they are not satisfied with how long they last. This is one of the leading causes of sexual anxieties in men. The following are the proven tips that can make a man last longer. With this position, the man can move subtly and slowly making sure that he does not get too enthusiastic.

Finding a Suitable Position

sex position

There are many sex positions like spooning that can make a man last longer. This also includes lying side by side with your partner or entering a lady from behind. Both should rock together gently until they reach climax. With this position, ejaculating can last longer since the penetration is a bit shallow. It is also helpful in making sure that the man is not overstimulated.

Controlling Orgasm Through “Peaking”

Peaking is considered one of the effective ways of improving female and male sexual performance. Men can control their arousal by pinpointing their arousal points of no return. They can last longer in bed and control their orgasms by doing this regularly. You can also learn how to climax together by practicing “peaking.”

Masturbating More

Masturbation is an activity that can either work for or against you depending on how it is done. Proper masturbation can help you in preventing premature ejaculation. Couples should do it before their sex sessions.

Including Sex Toys

Couples should include love rings when making love. These gadgets are helpful in restricting the flow at the base of one’s penis as well as providing an add stimulation by rubbing against her clitoris. Vibrating love rings have become very popular in the modern days.

Wearing a Condom


Many benefits are associated with condoms. They are helpful in adding a layer of friction thereby delaying ejaculation. Even if they can reduce the level of sensation, they are useful in making a man last longer. You should be very careful when choosing a condom as the thin ones are prone to tear.


Delay Sprays

Desensitising sprays and creams are helpful in reliving premature ejaculation. They do this by causing a temporary numbness that delays ejaculation. This, in turn, leads to a prolonged sexual encounter.