Factors That Lower Libido In men

Low libido refers to low interest in sexual activity. Losing interest in sex is common because the levels of libido vary through life. Again some people might not match the interest of their partners at times. However, you should be concerned if you have a low desire for sex that is extended over a long period. Sometimes this could be an indicator of other underlying health conditions. Outlined here below are the primary causes of low libido:


emotional, stressed man

Sexual desire can decrease when people get distracted by periods or situations of high pressure. Stress is known for disrupting the hormone levels. Blood vessels in arteries narrow when people are stressed up. This is an effect that restricts blood flow, thereby causing erectile dysfunction. There is a direct relationship between sex and one’s sexual problems.

Low Levels of Testosterone

This is one of the essential male hormones. Its production takes place in the testicles. It is the hormone responsible for stimulating sperm production and building of muscles. The levels of this hormone can significantly affect someone’s sex drive. A drastic level of this hormone is associated with a decrease in sex drive. Its level ca boosted by taking gels or supplements.

Sleep Problems

The level of testosterone hormone is low in men having obstructive sleep apnea. This, in turn, decreases libido and sexual activity. Additionally, men who have severe sleep apnea are likely to have low levels of this hormone during the night ad low sleep efficiency. Low levels of testosterone hormone are linked with poor sleep, especially in old men.



Young men have high levels of testosterone levels as compared to the old ones. This is the main reason why men experience low libido when that attain an age of 65 years. It takes a long time for old men to ejaculate, become aroused and have orgasms. Their erections are also not hard, and their penises take a long time to become erect.


This is another health condition that can affect nearly all the aspects of your life. People who are depressed have no interest in pleasurable activities including sex. Furthermore, low libido is one of the side effects associated with antidepressants. This is very common with antidepressants that inhibit serotonin production. People should consult their doctors before taking these medications if you are submitting from low sex drive. He or she will help you in addressing these side effects by switching to alternative medications or adjusting your dose.