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Women have found some liberation and rationalization in their use of sex toys. This took some time to become mainstream as we can see their use in many homes. Surprisingly, men have been subjected to chastisement, ridicule, and shame. Today, there seems to be a change in perceptions as technological progress in the field of sexual pleasure gadgets has made the sexual experience more real.


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There is nothing to be ashamed of sexual pleasuring – a practice that has been in existence for many years. Kingmansion is one of the best sex dolls and is witnessing a high demand curve. The advances made today in technology even place it on the right path to replace a woman altogether. The industry of female sex toys is evaluated today at over $50 billion. Today, men are moving past the stigma and developing toys that cost over $5000.


Why are Men Attracted to the New Sex Dolls?

The stigma of owning a sex doll is gradually dying off as more people in society embrace them. We can see sex dolls creeping into the homes of professionals, celebrities’ and popular artists. Today, life-like dolls have replaced the older plastic models. Imagine enjoying a real-like sexual experience with material that is anatomically correct and incredibly sexy.


A New Trend

The toys are a great way for men to satisfy their insatiable desire to enjoy sexual pleasure without wanting to undergo the pressure of dating several women. This saves them emotional depression that might arise from broken relationships. Blow up dolls are no longer in fashion having been replaced by TPE and silicone dolls. A look at the new designs will reveal why past society connotations are being shed off. The dolls allow the individuals to satisfy their sexual desires without having to undergo the negative judgment of being emotionally deviant or adulterous.


Advances in Sex Doll Technology

Technology today has progressed to a point where factory built TPE and silicone dolls can be likened to an actual human partner. Some research professors predict that humans will be having sexual intercourse with robots shortly. In a decade or so, the robotic partners will be commonplace, and their popularity will see them as a regular accessory in every bedroom.


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The Consensus Among Sex Doll Users

Most users of the sex dolls attribute their interest in the dolls to the desire for companionship, love, sex, and art. They also love the fact that having the dolls means a variety o application given all you need is customization. Unfortunately, most women might not be comfortable with the idea of having sexual dolls competing with them. Some are complaining of losing their spouses and a general reluctance of dating again. Others complain that their men have become disabled and lost interest in offering intimacy. The fear of rejection is centered on all opposition to the sex dolls.


In recent years, the sex doll users have increased from what was a few hundred to the thousands. There are some who argue that using the dolls demonstrates an unusual or pathological behavior, however, none of this claims is backed by study or fact. The main consensus right now is the stigma associated with the sex dolls will dissipate as technology advances to the point where the sex dolls are indistinguishable from humans.