Low libido refers to low interest in sexual activity. Losing interest in sex is common because the levels of libido vary through life.

  • Tips for Delaying Ejaculation

    Many men are dealing with issues of premature ejaculation. It can happen at any point in your life. Studies have revealed that over thirty percent of men feel that they are finished quickly during sex, and they are not satisfied with how long they last.


    Masturbation is considered as one of the safest sex practices. Apart from the great feeling associated with it, this practice is good for those people who practice it.

  • Sexy Benefits Associated With Masturbation

    owever, many man and women are embarrassed of mentioning masturbation. It is, therefore, important to brush off the traditional beliefs and low science to do the talking.

online dating apps

Online dating has become a common thing for many in this smartphone age. Many are utilizing the different available platforms that have made finding a perfect match easier. There are lots of apps and sites you can log in and find your ideal match. It is easier compared to approaching strangers in the streets who are not interested in dating. Choosing the right dating site increases the chances of finding your perfect match.

You can have a look at Loveme.com dating review that will help you find matches from different corners of the continent. Reviews can help you identify the best dating site. They have all the information about these platforms listed on them. Most dating sites have subscriptions you have to pay to access certain features.

You may be required to pay to get more matchesonline dating apps or look at the people who viewed your profile. This is something you need to compare in different dating platforms in order to settle for the best. The user interface of a specific dating site or app also matters. Go for one that will guarantee you a smooth time looking for your perfect match. There are several features you should consider when choosing a dating platform. Here are some of them.

Filter Option

The filter option is a common feature in most dating platforms which makes it easy for you to narrow your searches and find your perfect match. You can adjust your filters to age, location, and other available options you prefer. Look for online dating apps or platforms with such a feature if you want to have a smooth time finding your perfect match.

Social Media Integration

It is another essential feature you should look out for in an online dating app or platform. Some apps require one to link their profiles to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This is important as it helps to increase trust levels. You can have a look at the profiles of the person you are chatting with to know them better.

Photo Verification

This feature is essential in ensuring there is safetyonline dating when using dating apps or sites. One is required to verify their photos upon registration. You will be extra confident because you are chatting with real people who have posted their actual photos. The chances of getting scammed are minimal when you use dating apps or sites with these features.

sex doll

Women have found some liberation and rationalization in their use of sex toys. This took some time to become mainstream as we can see their use in many homes. Surprisingly, men have been subjected to chastisement, ridicule, and shame. Today, there seems to be a change in perceptions as technological progress in the field of sexual pleasure gadgets has made the sexual experience more real.


black bra and condom package Growth Potential

There is nothing to be ashamed of sexual pleasuring – a practice that has been in existence for many years. Kingmansion is one of the best sex dolls and is witnessing a high demand curve. The advances made today in technology even place it on the right path to replace a woman altogether. The industry of female sex toys is evaluated today at over $50 billion. Today, men are moving past the stigma and developing toys that cost over $5000.


Why are Men Attracted to the New Sex Dolls?

The stigma of owning a sex doll is gradually dying off as more people in society embrace them. We can see sex dolls creeping into the homes of professionals, celebrities’ and popular artists. Today, life-like dolls have replaced the older plastic models. Imagine enjoying a real-like sexual experience with material that is anatomically correct and incredibly sexy.


A New Trend

The toys are a great way for men to satisfy their insatiable desire to enjoy sexual pleasure without wanting to undergo the pressure of dating several women. This saves them emotional depression that might arise from broken relationships. Blow up dolls are no longer in fashion having been replaced by TPE and silicone dolls. A look at the new designs will reveal why past society connotations are being shed off. The dolls allow the individuals to satisfy their sexual desires without having to undergo the negative judgment of being emotionally deviant or adulterous.


Advances in Sex Doll Technology

Technology today has progressed to a point where factory built TPE and silicone dolls can be likened to an actual human partner. Some research professors predict that humans will be having sexual intercourse with robots shortly. In a decade or so, the robotic partners will be commonplace, and their popularity will see them as a regular accessory in every bedroom.


pretty sex doll

The Consensus Among Sex Doll Users

Most users of the sex dolls attribute their interest in the dolls to the desire for companionship, love, sex, and art. They also love the fact that having the dolls means a variety o application given all you need is customization. Unfortunately, most women might not be comfortable with the idea of having sexual dolls competing with them. Some are complaining of losing their spouses and a general reluctance of dating again. Others complain that their men have become disabled and lost interest in offering intimacy. The fear of rejection is centered on all opposition to the sex dolls.


In recent years, the sex doll users have increased from what was a few hundred to the thousands. There are some who argue that using the dolls demonstrates an unusual or pathological behavior, however, none of this claims is backed by study or fact. The main consensus right now is the stigma associated with the sex dolls will dissipate as technology advances to the point where the sex dolls are indistinguishable from humans.

big breasts

Without debating much, it is true that there are those ladies who love their small boobs and wonder why someone will want to have a huge burst and this is okay. But for those who want bigger boobs, know that many methods have been written about, and talked about in different talk shows about enlarging and lifting women breasts.
If you watch talk shows, you will see ladies recommending different methods that they claim worked for them. However, you need to be careful with the process you want to use when you feel like you should lift or enlarge your breasts. Among the most talked about and recommended way of enlarging small boobs, is the use of natural enhancers. Written here are some reasons why it is the most recommended method.


enlarging your breasts Many ladies who have been successful at enlarging their breasts using natural breast enhancers say that these creams are quite effective. Purchasing a can of breast enhancing cream has transformed some women’s self-esteem by giving them their dream boobs. If you google different sites that sell or talk about ladies and burst enlargement, you will not miss finding posts that recommend the use of natural enhancers.


Sometimes people want to see immediate changes in anything they are trying to do or achieve. If you’re going to see immediate results when you want to enlarge your breasts, then you may have to go for breast surgery. However, if you are patient enough and want to see pain free and lasting results, then you should use natural enhancers. It may take sometime before you start seeing noticeable results, but one thing that is for sure, these enhancers are reliable and have been proven to work.

No ailments

enhanced breastWhat makes natural breast enhancers stand out is that they do not have any aftermath ailments. From the many methods that you will find during your search for breast enhancement, the only one that does not have any aftermath ailment if used as recommended is enhancement creams.

However, you need to know the type of cosmetics that are approved, before making your choice.

Cost and Availability

Natural breast enhancement creams are not as expensive as you may think, and also they are not from space. You can find your favorite enhancement cream easily from your favorite online store. You can even order your favorite from anywhere in the world and have the cream delivered to you.

masturbation tools

Masturbation is considered as one of the safest sex practices. Apart from the great feeling associated with it, this practice is good for those people who practice it. In fact, they should thank science since it has proven that this practice is good for their health. However, many man and women are embarrassed of mentioning masturbation. It is, therefore, important to brush off the traditional beliefs and low science to do the talking. Masturbation is pleasurable to both ladies and gentlemen. The following are the immense health benefits associated with masturbation:

masturbation-feel good

Feel Good

Activities that lift one’s mood are also helpful in making someone happier. This is an activity that pleases someone when he/she reaches his/her climax. Individuals who are feeling don can masturbate to lift their mood. Furthermore, orgasms are known for releasing oxytocin and dopamine, which improves one’s mood. Giving yourself organisms is healthier than taking drugs.

Boosting One’s Confidence

Always remember that your body is the best friend that you need to take care of. This is the only thing that will be with you through your life. You should give it the best treatment possible. Masturbation is one of the health practices that will make your body feel good. Again, it is a better way of knowing your pleasure points.

Sexuality Enhancer

This is an activity that allows someone to explore his/her body. It can also make you confident by knowing what pleases you and turns you on. It is one of the best ways of improving sexuality. This is an activity that allows people to be in charge of their bodies, especially when they are with their partners by letting them know what makes them feel good.

Stress Reliever

stressed man

Masturbation is one of the effective ways of relieving stress and unwinding. Again, it is helpful in promoting the release of endorphins which play a crucial role in calming down and lifting up one’s mood. Anyone who is having a rough day at office or work can end it with some sensual music and a bath.


Improved Sexual Life

Becoming more in-tune with one’s pleasure points and body can help someone to get more out of his/her sex life. It will also give you partner more satisfaction because he/she will see you becoming satisfied and pleased. People should be more confident with their partners and talk to them about what they like.


Many men are dealing with issues of premature ejaculation. It can happen at any point in your life. Studies have revealed that over thirty percent of men feel that they are finished quickly during sex, and they are not satisfied with how long they last. This is one of the leading causes of sexual anxieties in men. The following are the proven tips that can make a man last longer. With this position, the man can move subtly and slowly making sure that he does not get too enthusiastic.

Finding a Suitable Position

sex position

There are many sex positions like spooning that can make a man last longer. This also includes lying side by side with your partner or entering a lady from behind. Both should rock together gently until they reach climax. With this position, ejaculating can last longer since the penetration is a bit shallow. It is also helpful in making sure that the man is not overstimulated.

Controlling Orgasm Through “Peaking”

Peaking is considered one of the effective ways of improving female and male sexual performance. Men can control their arousal by pinpointing their arousal points of no return. They can last longer in bed and control their orgasms by doing this regularly. You can also learn how to climax together by practicing “peaking.”

Masturbating More

Masturbation is an activity that can either work for or against you depending on how it is done. Proper masturbation can help you in preventing premature ejaculation. Couples should do it before their sex sessions.

Including Sex Toys

Couples should include love rings when making love. These gadgets are helpful in restricting the flow at the base of one’s penis as well as providing an add stimulation by rubbing against her clitoris. Vibrating love rings have become very popular in the modern days.

Wearing a Condom


Many benefits are associated with condoms. They are helpful in adding a layer of friction thereby delaying ejaculation. Even if they can reduce the level of sensation, they are useful in making a man last longer. You should be very careful when choosing a condom as the thin ones are prone to tear.


Delay Sprays

Desensitising sprays and creams are helpful in reliving premature ejaculation. They do this by causing a temporary numbness that delays ejaculation. This, in turn, leads to a prolonged sexual encounter.